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If your dog has cancer and you need guidance, keep reading.

Play Ask Laurie Video ClipFinding out that your dog has cancer is devastating. You try to absorb information about the diagnosis and what it means, and what might be accomplished through various treatment approaches. You are emotionally overwhelmed and, as if this isn't stressful enough, you must quickly make some very important decisions with incomplete information.

There are many variables involved in choosing the right treatment to help a dog fight cancer. Your dog's doctor may inform you about treatment options and ask you to choose, or your doctor may simply choose a plan for you.

Every dog is different and every cancer is different. I will help you choose the treatment plan, diet, and full home care regimen that works best for you and your dog.

As administrator of the Magic Bullet Fund, I provide guidance every day to people who want to find the best way to help their dog fight cancer. I offer you the same guidance, support, direction. We will discuss your dog's diagnosis, prognosis and treatment options. I will answer your specific questions, brainstorm with you and help you make the best decisions for you and your dog.

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"Help Your Dog Fight Cancer"

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20-minute phone call including Laurie's preparation time: $50.00
Additional 10-minute segments (and all follow up calls): $15.00
After your initial session, you can schedule 10-minute
follow up calls as needed for the rest of your dog's life.

Laurie is the author of "Help Your Dog Fight Cancer," the Administrator of the Magic Bullet Fund and has a Masters of Science in Counseling. Laurie provides explanations, guidance and advice. All final decisions will be yours.