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  1. PatandScott Potts / Mar 18 2012 6:00 pm

    I’m new to computer’s and my spelling and grammer is’nt to good so please foregive me for that.
    I was look for some ansewer’s on Lymphoma and found your web site.
    So here’s our story.
    We lost Maggie a boxer to brain tumor’s.We think we don’t know for sure.We had a bad Vet at the time.(We now have a vary good Vet)3 mos.later we lose Early a chow mix.He was 12yrs. old we had him from birth.He died of old age.3 mos.later we find out Bo a boxer has cancer.We did all we could afford but we lost Bo 3mos. later.We were lost after all that crying all the time and being a man people at work think of you funny when you cry so much over a dog but they weren’t just dog’s they were our family.So 1mo. after losing Bo we adopt Ron a 4yr. old boxer.Now 3 yrs. later I find a lump in,Ron neck on one side with Bo it was both side’s I was wanting to know if it was cancer or just a over active Lymph node.I’ll take him to the Vet tomorrow.But if you know or if you Know a Vet you could e-mail or a web site that would know it sure would ease our mind’s because it’s going to be a long night and day tomorrow for us.Our e-mail is
    We also have Mario a 3 1/2 yr. old boxer that we adopted.Both Ron and Mario were going to be put to sleep just because no one wanted them.Ron came from tennesse and Mario from St.Pete Florida.
    Your’s truly Scott,Pat Potts

    • Laurie Kaplan / Mar 18 2012 7:31 pm

      Scott and Pat,
      You guys are wonderful to adopt these pets who would have had no life at all without you. If anyone doesn’t undersand your crying, don’t bother trying to explain it to them. They are missing the gene that allows us to bond with our pets and value their lives. There is probably something missing in their ability to bond with other people as well, but we won’t go there.

      I’m sorry but you do have to wait and let the doctor find out if it’s cancer or not. There is no way to know without a biopsy. Doctor will probably do a fine needle biopsy tomorrow and look at the slide while you wait. Hopefull he/she will be able to tell you right away what caused the node to enlarge. Lymph nodes get enlarged from cancer, but also from infection.

      For now, take a deep breath, and know that you will take care of Ron for the rest of his life whether this lump is cancer or not. You’ll figure out what you need to do for him.

      Please post (on whichever site) you want to let me know after your appointment.

      • PatandScott Potts / Mar 18 2012 11:54 pm

        Hi Laurie.
        The lump went down a little and I was able to find Ron’s Lymph node behind it and it feel’s normal.
        Still going to the vet to see what it is.
        Hopefully it’s just a bee sting or some thing like that.
        Thank you so much for your quick response and kind word’s.
        We feel a lot better now,It just felt like his lymph node at first,I know how they look and feel from when Bo had it.
        I will let you know how it goes with the vet.
        You sound like a great person wish the world had more like you,Because the animal’s need all the help they can get.
        We donate to best friend’s and the ASPCA of USA,We love what they do for the animal’s.

  2. PatandScott Potts / Mar 20 2012 9:21 pm

    It is cancer left our story on your blog dog’s with cancer

  3. Laurie Kaplan / May 7 2012 4:29 pm

    Treating dogs for cancer is a great way to experiment with different chemo protocols, surgeries and radiation protocols. Cancer treatments can easily be tested on dogs, results are revealed more quickly and there are no restrictions from the FDA. What works? What doesn’t work? The veterinarian who comes up with a new fangled treatment plan that actually DOES happen to work will be a super star. All the others will simply have experimented on our beloved dogs at our expense.

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