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June 2, 2010 / Laurie Kaplan



Author “Help Your Dog Fight Cancer”
Advisor, Canine Cancer Action Plan
Medical Animal Writer / Mental Health Counselor
Administrator the Magic Bullet Fund
Co-author “Canine and Feline Geriatric Oncology.” Blackwell
Publishing, Inc., Jan 2007. *Order using author’s discount code PRGC67
Member Dog Writers Association of America
Host, Cancer Pet Loss support group
Former editor-in-chief, Catnipnewsmagazine, Tufts Vet School
Co-founder of volunteer program, SPCA of Westchester

Laurie Kaplan lives in Ossining NY with White Dog

"White Dog" needs a name! Any ideas?

“White Dog” needs a name! Any ideas?

Laurie enjoys hiking, playing bridge, reading, writing and doing puzzles.


Happy Tales

Search and Rescue dogs at the World Trade Center, 9/11/2001

Below, published by Blackwell Publishing, Inc., Jan 2007.


When I wrote Help Your Dog Fight Cancer, I hoped it would reach everyone trying to
help their dog fight cancer

I love that Bullet’s book is helping so many people and dogs their fight cancer. I hate that there is such a tremendous demand for that help.In the 2nd Edition, released summer of 2008, I updated medical information and added a final chapter to discuss palliative care, euthanasia and grief.


The tens of thousands of copies sold are an indication of the overwhelming statistics. Canine cancer is affecting millions of dogs at this moment.I am haunted by thoughts of all of the people who have dogs with cancer but who cannot afford treatment. After completing the first
printing of Help Your Dog Fight Cancer, I founded the Magic Bullet Fund to help these people and their dogs. My donations from book proceeds were the first influx to the fund and they continue although now they are dwarfed by the generous donations of
so many others. 

By the second printing of this book in 2005, Bullet had left me, taken by old age, still cancer free. On the first anniversary of his departure, the Magic Bullet Fund began to accept dogs into the program to help them through treatment. The fund provides financial assistance. I offer the families guidance in all medical decisions, diet and supplement, general home care andemotional support.

Magic Bullet Fund

At best: The fund gives dogs a chance to beat cancer.

At least: The fund allows owners to say “I did everything I could t help my dog beat cancer.” And allows owners time to create more precious memories and have a long
goodbye with their beloved friend.

Laurie Kaplan is the
author of “Help Your Dog Fight Cancer.” This book has helped thousands of dogs and caretakers in their fight against cancer. See

Laurie Kaplan is the
administrator of The Magic Bullet Fund, a program of the
501(C)(3) Perseus Foundation. The Magic Bullet Fund helps caretakers
with financial
constraints get cancer treatment for dogs with good prognoses. Apply or
donate online HERE
or by mail: Magic Bullet Fund, PO Box 2574, Briarcliff NY 10510.


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  1. PatandScott Potts / Oct 12 2012 6:21 pm

    This is Scott Potts remember me,Or do you remember Ron Potts.Ron had cancer and my wife and I prayed to god and It went away.Well Ron is still cancer free and still with us.Just wanted to say Hi and let you know that Ron is still cancer free.thank you for all you do for dog’s and there family’s.
    God Bless Scott and Pat Potts

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