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3rd Edition of Help Your Dog Fight Cancer

I have been working very hard to finish a new edition of my first book, Help Your Dog Fight Cancer. This edition is updated and greatly expanded. It will be incredibly helpful to dog owners who learn that their dog has cancer. It has taken a very long time because I am also running the Magic Bullet Fund which is a full time job! But now I am very close to being ready to send the book to the printer. From that point it will be only a few weeks until it will be available as a softcover book. Shortly thereafter it will be available as an eBook. If you have any suggestions or requests for additional information you would like to see in the new edition, fill in the form above.

At the time of the first edition, in 2004, I felt that dog owners needed a primer on the subject. Some basic information about cancer in dogs. They wanted a review of diagnostic options, treatment options, and some questions to ask their vet before making decisions. They needed a review of home care including choice of diet and supplements for a dog with cancer. Clearly and simply presented so they could gather some vital information and then proceed with their decisions and proceed to take care of their dog. There is so much information to gather from searches online, from their veterinary medical team and from other dog owners who have had dogs with cancer. Too much information or not enough, and much of it conflicting, incomplete or just wrong.

Now, 10 years later, dog owners want much more information. They want an in depth understanding of canine cancer, and what their dog will go through with treatment or without treatment, and with various treatment choices. They need more information about the effects, possible success or failure of all treatment options available. They want  more information to help them make the hard but very important decisions for their dog’s treatment plan.

Too often, a veterinarian will select a plan for a dog and present it to the owner, neglecting to mention that it is not the only viable plan. For almost all types of cancer in dogs, there is more than one viable treatment option. It must be up to the dog owner to make this decision, but that is impossible when the owner is given only one option. In this book, I present options and their respective outcomes. I discuss over-treatment, which has become very popular, as well as under-treatment. I offer methods of reducing the costs of treatments.

In the next few weeks, while I am finishing the 3rd edition of this book, you can purchase the 2nd edition at a discount. Go to Type in the ID discount (lowercase) and the password half.50


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